Tips To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips

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Your lips are the spotlight on your face. Smooth and healthy lips make you look more attractive and vibrant, as they are often associated with your bright smile. People appreciate your smile when your lips are healthy and glossy. On the other hand, if you have chapped and dry lips, your face may look little repulsive. But the good news is that you can easily overcome such problem, and it doesn’t take long time to heal.

Chapped Lips How To Reduce Chapped Lips

Lips can become dry or chapped when they are frequently exposed to cold, dry air, wind or sun. That’s because these external influences take away the natural moisture that is present in lips. When the lips lose their moisture content, they are dehydrated and eventually you develop cracks due to dryness. Sometimes, you may notice mild bleeding in case of excessive dryness that is often seen in extreme cold…

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What Are The Things To Prepare This Summer Vacay?

Summer love.

Be fashionista even at the beach and don’t forget any useful stuff when going out for beach. Check this post to make sure that everything is ready.
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This Girl Does It All


               I know most of you are enjoying the heat and soak under the sun. Summer is the best time for vacation but I guess this time I won’t enjoy summer that much as I go job hunting. My priority now is to look for a job as soon as possible so I could settle now on my own but of course my family (my real family) would still be part of it.

               Today’s blog post is all about the things to be prepared when your having your summer vacation. Let’s start with:


Preferably a water-based sunblock so it will last long even if your swimming. Choose the best sunblock with the right amount of protection. For me, I am using the product of my tita from Luis Skin Clinic which is the…

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Does Your Mouth Reek of Bad Breath?

Learn more about oral care to avoid bad breath and develop a self-esteem by reading this post by Heeral.

Hiral Bhatt

Natural Remedies for Bad Breath - SolutionsDoes your mouth smell of bad breath each morning? Do you gorge on sweets every day? Is chocolate your favorite food? Do you suffer from cavities and plaques? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then it is about time to start paying serious attention to your problem of bad breath.

Bad breath is not only disgusting to the person suffering, but it drives away a lot of people. The result is that you lose out on your friends, and very few would want to spend time with you. Why lower your social quotient by sending whiffs of bad odor from your mouth? So, what is the reason behind this breath that nauseates you and repels others?

Many people eat high protein foods, and when this protein breaks down, it produces gas which has a putrid odor. This is even given out in your breath. Individuals, who…

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Break Free From Chips & Breakages: Recipe For Long, Healthy Nails

It is important for us especially women and even men to take care of our fingernails as sometimes, our cleanliness (aside from our home sweet home) shown not only in our body but also in our fingernails so let me share to you this post by Carbon & Pearl. Enjoy reading.

Carbon & Pearls

11Apr15 - Nailcare2

I find doing my nails quite therapeutic. It’s for this reason I rarely get my nails done at the salon, saving me a whole heap of money too! I literally beam with pride when my my natural nails are mistaken for acrylics so one of the questions I am often asked by friends is how to maintain healthy nails and prevent breakages (because we all know how devastating that is!).

11Apr15 - Nailcare1

Get To Know Hand Cream My first and most important tip: hand cream! I literally have a tube of this stuff everywhere; in my hand bag, my car, at my desk at work and on my bedside table. Just as the skin on your face looses moisture throughout the day, particularly if you’re surrounded by air-conditioners and heaters, moisturising your hands regularly is the easiest way to prevent dry, brittle nails. For extra TLC, rubbing cuticle oil into your nails…

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Affordable Makeup Products for Prom! (Products Under $10)

Check this out girls. It is great for our Juniors and Seniors.

A More BeYOUtiful You

IMG_5867Hello beautiful faces~
I recently talk to several high school girls, and they shared their concern about upcoming prom. They all mentioned how they don’t have enough budget for fancy makeup products. For those of you who might have the same concern, I want to tell all of you that you do NOT need fancy makeup products to achieve a gorgeous look for Prom. It’s all about using the RIGHT PRODUCTS. Here’s a list of good affordable makeup products that are UNDER $10: 

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Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match (NEM DENGESİ) Review Updated

Updated June 2014

Hello dolls!

Today I will be reviewing the Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match.

I bought this 4 months back. I haven’t use this much because I’m kinda lazy in terms of toning and moisturizing my face everyday (Ooopss! : D ). Some times I do it every other day or sometimes everyday that’s why until now I still have it (well, nowadays I do it everyday).

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