Flormar Ultra Black Eyeliner Review

Hey sweet beauties,

Today, I’ll be reviewing a well-known Turkish brand nowadays and this is the Flormar.

Flormar was born in 1970 in Milan, Italy, carried all its production to Turkey in 1972’s starting a 40 years of adventure…. They started with nail polish which is very popular since then.

So let’s proceed to our main topic. This is going to be the Flormar Ultra Black Eyeliner Review. I had this for almost 4 months now. I have tried it in my waterline, lashline and eyelid.


 It is just a simple black and white combination in it but looks nice.

Features & Claims:

Ideal for those who want to appeal of the color black all day with it’s water resistant structures and soft tip.


Test with Water:

It is a creamy-like texture. It’s really soft and really pigmented.

Price:     9.75 Turkish Lira

My thought:
Before, I didn’t think to try pencil liner on my upper lashline because it doesn’t really define the shape of my eyes which this eyeliner proved me wrong. Now I am really in love with this as this really did a good job and is really easy to apply.
The staying power also great. In 3 consecutive days, I observed the staying powder of it before writing a post to make sure. For my oily eyelids, it stays from 12 pm to almost 2 am for me without using any eye primer but today, it’s kinda smudgy ( just a very little smudge in it) just because I have an oily lids. I just rub it a bit with my finger and it’s gone. Maybe it will not smudge if you put eyeshadow base to avoid from oiliness that leads to the eyeliners smudge.
The only down-part is this doesn’t stay on my waterline ( which I bought it for) even it say’s it’s water resistant but anyway, I don’t think there’s a pencil liner that will last longer on my very watery waterline. 🙂


  • affordable
  • easy to apply
  • perfect for smokey eye
  • last long on my oily eyelids


  • doesn’t last on my waterline


I probably recommend this to all my friends who like to draw on their eyelids and specially to those smoke-eye lover like me. 🙂

Ratings: 4 1/4 stars ( 1 lowest, 5 highest)

So yes fellas, that’s my review for this nice product and I hope this helps you.


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