1000HOUR Eyelash and Brow Dye Kit review

Some of us has a natural fuller and darker eyelashes and eyebrows but some don’t and I am one of those. So this past few  months, I discovered a  product  which will gives us those fuller and darker looking eyebrows and lashes so here’s my review of the 1000HOUR Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit.


It contains 5mL of colour cream, 10mL of developer liquid, mixing cup, applicator wand, instruction leaflet and a storage cover.



It says that each box can be use up to 12 applications which will last 4-6 weeks each application and is waterproof/smudgeproof.


Squeeze a 2.5cm of colour tint to the mixing bowl. Add 10 drops of developer liquid and mix it well until you get the creamy consistency.

Prepare your skin. Wash your face and remove your eyebrow and eye make-up with a non-oil remover. Pat dry your face and apply a vaseline around the eyebrow where you don’t want the tint to stain.

Now, your mixture and skin are ready. Let’s start tinting.


I use my eyebrow brush to define an outline of my eyebrow and then I use the applicator wand that is included with the package and brush the eyebrow gently upward, trying to fill all the hairs inside it. After filling, remove the excess with a cottonbuds. And live it for 12-15 min.

After 12-15 mins., take a toilet/facial tissue and slightly wet it and gently rub your eyebrows to take the tint off. Repeat until there’s no more mixture coming off.

With tint mixture

I use an undereye pad which I got from BornPrettyStore.com to protect it from staining. If you don’t have undereye mask/pad, you can just apply vaseline around the area without touching the lashes and stick a facial tissue there.
Now that we have already applied a stain protection under our eye, we also need to protect our eyelids from stains so be sure to put on vaseline without touching the lashes.

What I did is, I close my 1 eye and distribute the product to my lashes downward, making sure that every lash is coated, I then slowly open my eyes and repeat the step on my lower lash. After that, I also apply the product upwards like putting on a mascara. Let it for 12-15 min. After that, take a tissue and damp it with warm water. Gently wipe the tint off from your lashes with the same technique we did from applying until no more tint come off.


BEFORE                                                 AFTER

It is not so visible in the photo but still you can see the difference from before and after photo. The after photo looks fuller and darker if you look at it carefully.

My verdict:

Okay sweeties, as I’ve told before. I got this few months ago and have tried it twice.
In my first experience, I was a little bit disappointed because the color doesn’t come out of what I wanted to be and it was my first time to tint my eyebrows so it was really hard for me. I repeated it twice on that day and the result was just ok but not totally satisfied and have told to myself not use it again.

After a few months, I decided to give it a second shot and this time, I was really happy with the result. I used the eyebrow brush which I got from bornprettystore and draw an outline of my eyebrow before filling it in using the applicator wand that is included with the package . I let the tint mixture to set for more than the advice time frame. Then removed it with damp toilet tissue and tadaaaa. I was surprised because it appears darker than my 1st try and more defined, thanks to my new eyebrow brush.

With this cosmetics, I am confident to out without filling in my eyebrows with pencil or powder which is really good on a daily basis.

Now let’s talk about the claim. They said it is a waterproof and smudgeproof, sure it is because it’s a tint but I think I don’t agree with the claimed staying power. In my 1st try it just stayed for less than 1 week I guess but of course when using toner every morning and evening. In my 2nd shot, I will try not to wipe it with toner so let’s see how long it will stay. So I will update this post maybe 4-6 weeks later. So stay tune 🙂

Would I recommend it? Yes, I can probably recommend it to those who want to save time from filling their brows.


save time on a daily basis from filling in eyebrows
12 applications
available in all leading drugstore


must live up to 20-25 min.
it has a stinging sensation on the eye if you have put a little of a mixture on your waterline

Ratings: 4 out of 5


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