Wow! Discounts @ BornPrettyStore

Hello there sweet candies,

How are ya’ doing? Today I’m gonna share to you some items that I order from BornPrettyStore which I expected to arrive 10-16 days later.  You can use the coupon code of HNHT10 to get a 10% discount but all of the items listed below are discounted that is why you will not be able to use a coupon code.

New French Manicure Tip Guides Strip Nail Art Toes

I like to have a french tip manicure so I pick this up to make things easy plus it just cost $0.99.

Portable Electric Nail Drill Buffer File Nail Art Manicure Kit Pro 5 Tips

I like having a manicured and pedicured nails but I cannot do it professionally at home so when I heard about this. I immediately pick it up. This is way affordable than the other portable nail driller I saw on internet and I read a lot of good reviews about it so let’s see how it works when my package arrive 🙂 It cost $8.10

24pcs Professional SALON eyelash PERMING PERM Curl Kit(Random Color)

I have quite long and pretty straight lashes and I wanted it to have semi-permanent curl so I chose this eyelash perming kit to try out.  This cost $11.99

1pc Fiber Wool Plastic Shank Eye Shadow Brush Concealer Brush Eyebrow Paint

I pick this up so I can tint my eyebrows with my 1000hour eyelash and brow tint. Yeah, I have a light strand eyebrows so I wanted to tint it to make it more visible. This is just $0.99

1pc Silicone Blackhead Cleanser Nose Pore Brush Cleaner Remover Finger Tool (Random Color)

No wonder why I pick this up. Yes, we all hate those disgusting blackheads and whiteheads that is why I pick this up for trial. Price is $ 1.77

Beauty Tools Multifunctional False Eyelashes Aid Stainless Steel Clip Forceps

Yes, I am a beginner when it comes to false lashes and I can’t attach it to my lid professionally. It sticks on my finger so I decided to order this one to try out if this work on me. Cost $1.39

1 Pair Natural Curly False Eyelash Black Thick Handmade False Eyelash #K-10

What’s the use of my Beauty Tools Multifunctional False Eyelashes Aid Stainless Steel Clip Forceps if I don’t have false lashes, right? 🙂 It’s just $0.99

Nose Up Bridge Straightening Beauty Clip Lifting Shaping Clipper Face Massager

I am pretty embarrassed but I need to accept that I need this tool to reshape my nose. Well, they said that I have a nice nose (maybe? :D) but you know, I am curious and want to try something so let us see if this is a good product. Price $1.39

25 pcs Crescent Curve Lint Free Gel Eye Pad Patch Eyelash Extension Eyepads

I can use this during my eyelash tinting and perming that is why I chose this. Yes ladies, you read it right, I want to have a dark like mascara-d eyelash that is why I tint it.  $2.79 for 25 sheets.

3in1 Mascara Applicator Guide Tool Eyelash Comb Makeup

Sometimes, we have an emergency thing to do and we tend to mess up applying our mascara so I pick this up to have a professionally applied mascara look for just $1.54


Items that I am planning to purchase next time. I added the three of these on my wishlist so I will able to find it easily next time I purchase from  BornPrettyStore.

Fantastic 46 Colors Eyeshadow Lip Gloss Blusher Concealer Powder Combined Palette Cosmetic Kit

I can’t wait to have this palette on my hand to try. It contains 28 colors for eyeshadow, 12 colors for lip gloss,3 colors for Blusher,and 3 colors for concealer powder which cost $13.99

1pc Pearl Pen Brighten Lipstick Eye Liner Eyeshadow Illuminator Shadow Face Eyeliner Lips

Also, I wanted to buy the white of this for illumating. Price $0.99

12Pcs Pink Powder Brush Eyebrow Comb Eyeshadow Brush Blush/Lip Brush For Brush Set

And finally, this cute set of brushes which cost $12.99

How about you ladies? I would like to know your BornPrettyStore favorite items too. 🙂 ❤


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