The Turkish Wedding

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How are yah doin’? Today, I am going to share to you the Turkish wedding celebration which I have attended last year. Actually, I had written this before to the other site ( where I worked and let me take my articles from them) but I have just remember that I have an interesting article to share to you.

After Henna
After Henna

We were a little bit late that time so it means I haven’t seen the whole ceremony but I can tell you some part of their wedding style.They held it at the wedding salon at Nevşehir. When we entered there, I saw a Turkish live band singing and visitors were dancing. It was by group, like all relatives are requested to join the bride and groom to dance in the middle, next was his/her co-teachers requested to dance in the center and so on. I enjoyed watching them then suddenly they stop and sat on their feet. I wondered what they were doing so I ask my husband, “Why they stop dancing and sat on there feet?”, “Because the musicians are asking tip and if nobody will give a tip, they will not play.” he said. I was like “Oh, very interesting.” Yeah, it is really interesting because we don’t have it in Philippines (Well, our wedding ceremony is really different from here).

Henna Powder - The sand of paradise.
Henna Powder – The sand of paradise.

The party continue, everybody is dancing and also the music is very jolly even me, I can’t stop myself from moving my shoulders while sitting and watch them dancing until I stood up and I joined them in the middle. I enjoyed a lot but I was a little bit conscious about what I wore because a lot of people staring at me and I didn’t know if I look good or not ( I was in a hurry so I haven’t take a look at the mirror). Anyways, I wore my new Pierre Cardin shoes and I also wore simple make-up but looks gorgeous so that gave me a little bit confidence (don’t stop me from complimenting myself, it’s just for some times 🙂 ).

After painting the hand.
After painting the hand.

The next thing I noticed was the groom and bride went out from the salon where their party held so I thought the party is already finished. I ask again my sweetie “Is the party finished?”, “No” he answered. I was wondering, if not, why do the celebrants were not here and say to myself “ok, let’s just observe a little bit more” (love to talk to myself as well haha). Then after a few minutes the bride and groom came in. They changed their costumes. The bride wore red dress and veil and the man wore green (looks like) a mini cape. They sat in the middle while the ladies and girls bringing a candle making a circle around the couple. Well,  my sister-in-law and my hubby baby answered my question. They said, the celebrants were doing henna to wish them good luck for their marriage. For female, they painted a big circle at the palm while for the male, they painted at the “pinky or baby finger” and at his palm. My sister-in-law told me that sometimes they just paint the pinky finger or the palm of the groom. Actually, henna should be done a day before the wedding but the groom lives very far from his bride so they just made it together after their wedding celebration. Of course, before going home we need to take a photo with the newly wed (for our souvenir) so I was preparing myself so I look good at the photo and give a big nice smile (like a clown? no no no, haha).So yeah, I discovered another thing here in Turkey. Isn’t it great? Seems like I’m studying their culture as well..Thanks for reading bloggers and hope to see you on my new post.

Toodles.. 🙂


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