Turkish Kebab

Does your stomach growl when you smell something delicious? Or when you go to the restaurant and saw those yummy menus and can’t wait to have it? Well, I know you do, especially when you taste the Turkish foods like kebabs and döner, you will probably search for it every time you go to a restaurant.


Look at the photos dear blogger. Aren’t these delicious? I can imagine how great the taste is. These are already in my favorite foods list here in Turkey.If you taste these, you will surely finish it as soon as you can. Of course restaurant is a best option if you are planning to have these kind of foods (some fast-foods arenot advisable) .


Turkish Kebab is the first in my list with several varieties. You can find these menus in Turkish restaurants with a nice plating using colorful veges and fruits with affordable price. Also you can find these at the Turkish kitchen because  they love to cook as I’ve noticed here and it tastes great as well.

Everytime when we go for meals with my husband, I always want “Kebab”. I never feel weary to eat this kind of food ( I love meat 😀 ). And of course, I am open to try other cuisine as I am discovering things from Turkey to share to worldwide and help travelers to decide where to go and what to do in that particular place by writing the right information that I have observed.

Last summer, we were in Istanbul (where we used to live before).I first tasted the food named “Kebab” when we visit the relatives of my husband at Kumburgaz. I had doubt to go there because I don’t know their language that time but I really want to meet them so I just go with the flow and when we arrived there, I was so overwhelmed becKebabause they really welcomed my arrival. That day, they cooked “Kebab”, they grilled meat, tomato and bell-pepper. While those were under the fire, the smell is very savoury and my mind saying, “Oh, I can’t stop drooling.” with full eagerness to taste it, just like my tongue want to separate my mouth. And when it’s finally cook, of course, I didn’t show my excitement. I just sit beside my sweetie and just wait them to come and eat with us while my mind saying “Oh come on, let’s eat”. It’s sounds funny, right? But it’s true. Well, they didn’t know what’s in my mind. 🙂 When everybody is already in the dining room, we finally start to eat our dinner and guess what? The taste is heavenly and it’s really hit my expectations. It was really great.

Yes, I am very satisfied and I never forget how it tastes like. I would like to share it to my family and friends in the Philippines coz I know they will really like it. Maybe you want to try it too? So what are you waiting for? Pack up your goods now and take a visit in Turkey and discover what’s in here. Don’t forget the Turkish Kebab.

Thanks for reading blogger and hope to see you on my next post.

Toodles.. 🙂


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