The Solemnity of Teodore Church


In our second visit here in Cappadocia. We went to different villages and we also visited one of the very old church here in Turkey. It’s name is Teodore Church.

It was August. Me, my husband, sister-in-law and mother-in-law was spending our time together and we went to different places, one of those is this church.

At first when we arrived there, there was a padlock on the gate so we tried to check it if it’s locked or if they just hang it there and we found that it was really close. We just wait for a few minutes, watching the surrounding and luckily, the church keeper arrived. He let us to come in and oh my gosh, I feel great. I’m very glad and delightful even now while I’m writing this, I still feel what I felt when I came inside this old church.

It was a little bit cold inside and there’s a lot of original paintings painted on the walls and roof of the church. Some paintings was damage because of it’s age but most of it are still in good condition. It has second floor but we couldn’t get in there because it’s dark, you can’t really see the stairs.

It’s really solemn to pray there especially it’s little bit cool there so you can really meditate and talk to God.

My husband and the church keeper were discussing about the church and the paintings while my mother-in-law and sister-in-law were listening. Well, I was listening too but I couldn’t understand what they were talking because they were using their language and I was new to Turkey  so I just look at the surrounding of the church and to the painting with amaze because I didn’t think before that I can go to those places where I visited like this Teodore Church and that time I couldn’t still believe that I was standing there. I really don’t have hesitant to take photo because this is very important and historical place.

I feel really great that I have been in this historical church because I just haven’t read some of those historical places in Turkey while I’m in high school but  also I had seen, touch, feel and took a photo of it for souvenir.

So yes fellas, it’s been a good experience in my life especially when it comes to church  because I’m Catholic and when I was in the Philippines, we always went to church with family (maybe, sometimes we couldn’t).

Thanks for reading my beloved readers and hope to see you on my next post.

Bye bye.. 🙂


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