Battle of the lip balms

Happy Labour Day everyone. Today, I would like to share to you this article which is quite interesting for me as I do have dry lips so I need to use lipbalm to protect them. So here’s the top 5 lipbalm from Beauty In Bundle blog.

Beauty In Bundles

Lips can often be a neglected part of our bodies, we sometimes don’t protect them from the sun or have a bad habit of biting them or even just wearing a lot of drying lipsticks can wear them out. I’m into lip balm as much as I’m into lip colour so I decided to put five of my lip balms to the test. These are not necessarily in order of preference.

Starting from left to right, I’m going to talk about my personal favourite. In the yellow glass jar is the Nuxe Reve De Miel. This retails on Amazon and space NK for £9.50. Not the cheapest lip balm but the best by far. Unlike most other lip balms this one has a thick fudge like texture which puts some people off. The drier your lips the stranger it feels on your lips as it doesn’t sink in as quickly…

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